GRIS, when video game becomes a piece of art

Created by Spanish Nomada Studios, GRIS video game seduces for its creativity

Adrián Cuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Roset, founders of Nomada Studio, must be quite proud when everyone agrees that GRIS is one of the best indie games of recent times.

GRIS es la protagonista del videojuego de Nomada Studio.

Available for Nintendo Switch and PC, GRIS is a platform videogame that captives from the very first moment with its illustrations and backgrounds, an artistic work by Conrad Roset, which Roger and Adrián -as developers- have managed to give into life in their studio in Barcelona.

A video game turned into a piece of art

Designed to relax and not to stress, GRIS is the name of the main character, a girl who mysteriously loses her voice and which involves us into an emotional sadness that will change throughout the game.

GRIS - Nomada Studio

Game dynamics will take us to solve puzzles and challenges, collect lonely stars, and unlock new skills to access the new areas.

GRIS by Nomada Studio

Part of the development of the game it’s marked by its graphics and unique environment, perhaps a more linear adventure than other platform games, and in which you can hardly miss.

GRIS by Nomada Studio

But as we wrote at the beginning, if something unique has this video game is the incredible artwork of its illustrations and paintings. More than a game, it is a unique visual experience; watercolor textures that combine and evolve in other color tones, a fluid scene that won’t stop surprising throughout the journey, all with a smart camera movement.

Escena de GRIS ilustrada por Conrad Roset.

An outstanding Original Soundtrack

With such an incredible aesthetic, GRIS original soundtrack will also surprise you thanks to the Berlinist, a music band from Barcelona. They have composed 27 songs for this unique universe. Listen to them here:

Nomada Studio has managed to create a personal atmosphere in which Conrad Roset’s illustrations, advanced by himself through his Instagram account in 2017, really make GRIS one of the indie videogames with most original aesthetics of the last times.

GRIS is on Steam and Nintendo Store .

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